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I've been told many times over the years that I should write travel guide books, but this is as close as I plan to come to that!

Since getting my first passport at age 43, I have gotten to go places in this world that I never dreamed of seeing, and I'm an inveterate note taker. My travels since 1986 have been as a professional travel agent...which only increased that note taking. I hope to share some of the things I've found interesting for one reason or another -- maybe for cultural or historic reasons, maybe just beautiful, maybe ultra good, maybe just hilarious. And sometimes just because I liked it, related to travel or not.

My speciality in the travel business is Italy, though I handle travel pretty much worldwide..and if I don't keep up with a particular area, one of the great agents in my office does. See for more about the professional side of my life.

Your comments and shared tips are very welcome! I truly believe "we get by with a little help from our friends."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Spot ATM Card Skimmers

I've never had a client fall prey to an ATM card skimmer while abroad, but Bootsnall has a fine article on how to recognize and avoid such.

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Sean said...

Thanks for mentioning our post on ATM skimmers, Sally. Would you consider making the URL clickable to make it easier for folks to read the article?